Life’s Disappointments ©

Show me your ways, LORD, teach me your paths. Guide me in your truth and teach me for you are God my Saviour, and my hope is in you all day long. -Psalm 25:4-5 (NIV)

No one likes disappointments. However, life is full of them.

The employer says we were their second choice and we didn’t get the job. Our friend doesn’t show up for dinner and did not give a reason as to why. We did not get the grade we wanted on an exam despite studying for hours. Our child goes off the rails and has run away from God.

Maybe the disappointment is due to ill health which has us laid up in our house for weeks, months, or maybe even years? We were once active and outgoing. We went out and did things with our family and friends. We had a promising career. But then, all of this was stripped away.

When disappointments come, we can feel as if our whole world has been torn apart. We become angry, hurt, frustrated, and even depressed. We ask God, “why?”. We try to rationalize what has been going on and where we went wrong.

What if we aren’t wrong? What if we did everything we could or should have done? These circumstances in our lives come despite our well intentions and living right for the Lord.

We cannot put the blame on ourselves. Nor, can we put the blame on God, despite how much we want to.

God is sovereign. God is in control. He never promised us life was going to be easy.

Yes, I know there are some preachers who declare that once we are saved, life is going to be wonderful and we won’t have to suffer. If Jesus and his disciples suffered, then why do we think we would get away from the pain?

In the midst of our pain, we can ask God what he wants to teach us.  “Show us your ways, LORD, teach us your paths. Guide us in your truth… our hope is in you all day long” (see Psalm 25:4, 5b).

Maybe God has a better job lined up for us. Maybe he is showing us that even when our friends aren’t there, he always is. Maybe God wants us to focus on another career path. Maybe our child knows he is wrong, but we have to trust God is in control and is looking after him.

Maybe our time at home, is a time for us to draw closer to God. Maybe God is teaching us to have empathy for others. Maybe he is teaching us to simply trust him.

Our time on earth is short. What we suffer here is just a blip in the midst of eternity. It’s only a moment in our eternal lives.

Where is our focus?

What is our focus?

Are we keeping our eyes on the disappointments? If so, how can we see God when doom and gloom are all we see? We have to intentionally call out to Jesus. We have to turn our eyes on him.Where is our hope? The psalmist’s hope was in God his Savior.

When we put our hope in God and listen to what he is trying to teach us, we will be secure. We will be at peace. We will grow closer to God and gain wisdom. We will be better people.

When disappointments come in the future, we can be assured God is with us. We can trust him. God is our Savior and he cares about us.

Prayer: Father God, we don’t like disappointments. They can seem never-ending. Disappointments cause us pain and sometimes anger. Please forgive us when our eyes are focused on the problems and not on you. God, show us your ways. Teach us your paths. Guide us in our truth. May our hope be in you all day long. Amen.



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