Always Busy (c)

Father God,

I always seem to be busy.

Busy creating, writing, planning,

The list could go on.

Time slips away so quickly

As I sink myself into doing things for others.


You keep wooing me,

Calling me into your presence.

And so often,

I confess,

I say, “I am too busy, I don’t have the time.”


I am quick to tell others,

You cannot give from an empty cup

Because if we don’t spend time with you,

We become empty,


And giving others scraps of nothingness.


Forgive me, Lord,

For not taking the time

Just to be still.

Forgive me for being so “busy” doing.


For now, I just need to be.

I come before you in the holy place,

In the stillness,

Hungry for you.


I don’t want these moments with you

To be so sporadic.

You must be first in everything

Yes, my cup needs to be refilled repeatedly.


But what I long for most is you.

Our relationship is for eternity.

Time here is nothing compared to what lies ahead.


Jesus, yes, I can be busy for your kingdom,

But I don’t ever want to neglect my time with you.

Help me to prioritize my time and put you first.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.




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