God is an Artist ©

You are living proof
God is an artist.
In your mother’s womb
He took time knitting you
Creating you in His image.
Unique fingerprints,
Eyes, nose, bones, heart,
Your whole body is a marvelous creation.
As you grew and
Gave your heart to Jesus,
He took you and your sin,
He made you clean,
Washed you white as snow.
You became a canvas
For Him to paint images
Of grace and glory upon.
You became a white page
For Him to write sonnets
Of peace and love
And He named you worthy.
You became a stone slab
Which God is now
Chipping away at,
Creating in you a new heart
Shaping you into
A masterpiece.
And when you die,
He will give you a new body,
Clothes of righteousness,
A crown of glory,
And a new name.
From the beginning of
Your life,
God has been changing you
Into who you were always
Meant to be:
A child of the King
For all eternity!

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