Fed Up ©

I wonder if I am the only one that feels this way:

Frustrated and angry about the injustices of this world.

Why do so many suffer violence and rape,

Being sold into sexual slavery

While sex and crime are rampant on our TVs?

Why do children starve to death

While we have more than enough food to eat?

Why do workers in the field have to be paid pittance

Whilst we aren’t willing to do that kind of labor

But get paid much more for sitting in an office?

Why should thousands be dying and going to hell

While we are complaining about what music

We should sing or what time the service will end?

Why is that Jesus said ‘If you do it to the least of these’,

The least of these aren’t good enough

Because they are not like us?

How is it that we can say we love our neighbor but

Sit comfortably in our pews gossiping about them?

Why is it that if one preaches fundamental truths from God’s Word,

We reject them because they offend?

Then again, why is it so many preach

Sugar-coated sermons, tickling ears

While the people are spiritually dead?

How can we say we love God but

Don’t care about preserving His creation?

Why can’t we believe that the power of Jesus

Can do miracles, heal, and set prisoners free,

But we can believe the rubbish in our newspapers and magazines?

Where has our faith gone?

When will God’s people stand up and fight?

When will we let God be in control

Instead of us controlling Him?

When will the world see Jesus living in you and me?

I am fed up!

Are you fed up?

Let’s do something about it!


I am going public!

I am determined!

This means war!

Souls need salvation.

The saved need power.

The powered need discipling.

The discipled need armor.

The armored need to battle.

God’s people need to stop hiding,

Stop being like the world, and


Feed on His Word,

Drink of His presence

And live daily in prayer.

Then and only then

Can the injustices of this world be tackled

By believers who love God

And live their faith out loud daily!


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