My Dream ©

I dream of a church that is

In one accord, united in the Holy Spirit.

A church not willing to compromise with the world,

But willing to be bold as Peter

Was on the day of Pentecost.


I dream of a church where pastors

Are radical, on fire for Jesus.

Not trying to please man

Or worry about rank or status.

Ministers who are true to their calling

To go for souls and go for the worst.


I dream of a church where members

Can stand up and fight

And come alongside together

To wage war against sin and shame.

Nothing can hold them back

Because they have power in Jesus name!


I dream of a church who is so in love with Jesus

Willing to forsake the things of the world

And walk united as the Bride of Christ.

A church that is a force to be reckoned with

That makes demons flee.


I dream of a church that God is our priority

Not money or fame,

or worried about ourselves and our image,

That when we share a cup of cold water,

Others will see the Gospel living in us

So, the whosoever no matter their position,

Will be won to the Kingdom.


I dream of the Church, God’s holy people,

Being a redeemed, restored, and radical people

On fire for Jesus

From hell’s fury to Holy Spirit flames.

For this, I give my life

And I am not ashamed

I want to see the captives set free

And men completely saved.

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