Sufficient Grace © Tanya Dooley

No matter what I’m going through,

No matter how I feel,

You are always with me,

You are always near.


Though the pain seems unbearable,

Though my heart aches beyond words,

Even when answers are hard to find,

Lord Jesus, You are here.


You hold me close to your side,

Your grace sustains me,

Sufficient in my weakness,

It carries me through.


Your strength is perfect,

Your love is true.

Your grace amazing,

I can trust in You.


For You alone are God,

Holy and majestic,

My Creator and Sustainer,

You are always faithful.


So no matter what tomorrow brings,

I will bless Your name

and lift up my praise,

because Your grace is sufficient,

Your grace is true.

I know I can make it,

By simply relying on You.


2 Corinthians 12.9 (8)


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