Lent Series:  A Sinful Woman Anoints Jesus

One evening, a Pharisee named Simon invited Jesus to come to his house for dinner.  Jesus went into the house and sat down to eat.  I saw a woman go into the house.  She was well known in the community for prostitution and other sins.  I wondered what she could be going in there for.  Didn’t she know who was there?  After what I saw next, I knew she did.

The woman had heard Jesus was going there for dinner.  She brought an alabaster jar filled with expensive perfume.  She was shaking as she knelt behind Jesus.  She slowly opened the jar and then began to pour perfume on Jesus’ feet.

Trembling. Shaking. Tears began to fall.  This woman wept, her tears falling on his feet.  She wiped the tears and perfume with her hair.  She could not stop doing this.

I was moved to tears myself seeing the love poured out upon Jesus.  Oh, how I wish it was me doing this.  How I love Jesus and somehow want to tell him.  I want to tell Him how much he means to me.  This lady didn’t worry about protocol or what others thought, she just came in and poured out her love.

The Pharisee who invited Jesus to the house was looking at the woman with disgust obviously knowing who she was.  Jesus must have known what he was thinking.  He looked at Simon and said, “I have something to say to you.”

Simon tells him to go ahead.  Jesus shared a story with him about two people having debts to pay.  One was given 500 pieces of silver and the other 50.  Neither one of them were able to pay the money back.  The man who gave them money had pity for the two men and forgave them their debt.

Jesus asked Simon which one loved the man more after the debt was forgiven.

Simon answered, “I supposed the one who had the most debt.”

Jesus told him he was correct.

Jesus then looked at the woman and said to Simon, “This woman here has been washing my feet with tears.  You didn’t offer to wash the dust from my feet.”

I had wondered why the guest didn’t wash Jesus’ feet. It is customary for the head of the house to wash the guest’s feet before a meal- cleanliness is important to Jews.  Having dusty feet at the dinner table really wasn’t acceptable.

Jesus then continues.  “Simon, you didn’t greet me with a kiss, but this woman has not stopped kissing my feet.  You neglected the courtesy of anointing my head with olive oil, but she has anointed my feet with expensive perfume.”

I don’t think Simon really considered Jesus as a proper guest.  I think he was more curious about Jesus and wanted to get more of an idea of who he really is and what he is like.

Jesus looked tenderly into the woman eyes and says to her “Your sins are forgiven.”

The other men around the table began talking amongst themselves, “Who is this man, that he goes around forgiving sins?”

Jesus said to the woman, “Your faith has saved you; go in peace.”

The woman’s eyes lit up.  She slowly rose up from the floor and smiled.  She looked like a different person from the one that came into the house earlier.

This woman was forever changed.  The last I heard she was doing really well. Others could not recognise her as she cleaned herself up and was different from the inside out.  She glowed with joy.

After seeing what Jesus did for this woman, I had to come and talk to him afterwards.  My soul has been tormented for years and I have heard many voices in my head trying to tell me how awful I am, no one loves me, I am stupid, and  I should kill myself.  I have no idea if I have hurt anyone but I know since seeing Jesus, the spirits inside of me have been fighting against my desire to know Him more.

I did go see Jesus.  He saw the pain and sorrow in my eyes.  He saw how my body was tormented and how much I struggled.  He touched me and healed me!  He released seven demons out of me!  I cannot begin to tell you the relief I feel, the freedom, the joy, the deeper love I have for Jesus.  Oh,  how I wish I had something to give him just as the woman did with the perfume.  I just love Jesus so much I want to always be with him. (Luke 8:2)  Hallelujah!


*The word saved means to heal, cure, preserve, keep safe and sound, rescue from danger or destruction, delivered, given a new life and a new heart.

For further study:
Luke 7:36-50


Freedom (c)

I’m not worthy to call Him Master.

I’m too ashamed of my sins.

But there is something about Him.

Maybe it is the way He speaks,

Or perhaps His awesome power.

I do not know.

I find myself longing to listen to Him more.

I yearn to have a better life.

Could it be?

Is He really coming here today?

I must bring Him the best I have.

Oh, if only I could kiss His feet.

Here He comes.

Should I?

He’s so different;

Loving, caring, compassionate.

I must….

I poured my best perfume,

I used my dirty hair.

I finally kissed the feet

Of the One that I loved so dearly.

What was that?

My sins forgiven?

It must be a mistake

But why then do I feel

As if the world has been lifted from my shoulders?

I feel like rejoicing, I am loved, and I am free!



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