Lent Series: Sermon on the Mount (Part 3)

After Jesus spoke about life and its worries, we all began to chat amongst ourselves about all that has been said so far.  There was much to take in and some of us wanted to know more.  We couldn’t get enough of what Jesus was teaching.  Others were not so sure.

Jesus told us to not judge others for we will be judged and treated with the standard we judge others.  Why worry about other people’s issues and sins when we have our own to deal with?  I was thinking about the ladies gossiping all the time.  They drive me crazy always talking about others and what they are doing.

Jesus went on to say we are not to waste what is lovely and precious on those who don’t want to listen or are unholy because all they do is turn it around and attack us. I guess I shouldn’t keep trying to push God on to the gentleman next door.  Mother and Father have always done this so I just joined in.  He never listens to us, he just insists on accusing us of being “holier than thou” people and is always rude to us.  So not only am I to love and forgive him, I should stop trying to push God’s laws upon him.  I should live it out in my own life and maybe, he will see what a loving God I serve.

Jesus says in our prayers we are to keep on asking, keep on seeking and keep on knocking on heaven’s doors.  If we are persistent with God, we will receive what we ask, we will find what we desire and the door of heaven will be opened.  God gives good gifts to those who ask.  I was reminded about Hannah who pleaded with God for a baby and promised if she had one she would give him back to God.  Sure enough, after many times crying before God, she fell pregnant and had a baby boy named Samuel.  Samuel grew up to be a great prophet and was the one who anointed David king.  Jerusalem is David’s city.  I can do the same as Hannah for any situation.  I can think of a few things I could pray for which I would love to see answers.

In the middle of everything Jesus was teaching, he taught the golden rule: We are to treat others the way we want to be treated.

He talked about the narrow gate.  The gate to life is very narrow and the path is difficult, only a few find it.  Yet the highway to hell is broad and the gate is wide.  Sadly so many people choose the broad way.  It is no wonder why so many go this way as there are false prophets disguised as sheep in wolves’ clothing.  We can identify them by their fruit in the ways they act.  A good tree is known for producing good fruit.  The bad trees get chopped down.  If we look and listen carefully we can tell the false prophets from the real ones by the actions and fruit that people display.

Jesus says that not everyone who calls him Lord will enter into Heaven. The only ones who will enter are those who actually do the will of God.  The ones that don’t will be told by Jesus “I never knew you.”

My heart just sank.  I so much want to follow Jesus.  I have seen so many wonderful things he has done and I have listened to him teach.  Yet, I still struggle with the things of this earth.  My heart wants to go through the narrow gate yet my mind says don’t be so crazy.

Jesus finished his teachings by telling us to build our lives on a solid foundation.  The wise man builds his house on a rock which doesn’t crumble in adversity when the winds blow and the hard rains fall.  The foolish man builds his house on sand which collapses under the pressure of adversity.  Everything Jesus said was taught with great authority more so than the rabbis.  I really enjoyed listening to him.

As you can see, I have a lot to think over.  Jesus explained very clearly how to live a holy life.  Simply put, God should be first in our lives and everyone else second and ourselves last.  I have followed Jesus this far, I am not going to turn my back on him.  Oh how I desire to be holy as he is holy.  How I long to be in his presence forever.  I know I have a lot to learn, things to give up, people to love and forgive, well basically I need a life change. Forget what my head is telling me, I am going to follow my heart for a change.  I choose this day to follow Jesus for the rest of my life.

I have decided to follow Jesus.  I have decided to follow Jesus.  I have decided to follow Jesus.  No turning back, no turning back.


For further study:

Matthew 7; Luke 6:30-49


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