Under God’s Protection

But let all who take refuge in your rejoice; let them ever sing for joy, and spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may exult in you. For you bless the righteous, O LORD: you cover him with favour as with a shield. -Psalm 5:11-12 ESV

Thunderstorms were my enemy, or so I thought when I was a child. As soon as I saw lightning, I would hide behind a chair or under a blanket. Even as a young adult, pregnant with my firstborn, I hid under a stairwell where I thought I was safe during a bad storm.

I wasn’t scared of thunder, just lightning. I honestly thought I would be struck by lightning. So whenever a storm came, I tried to “hide”.

I am no longer afraid of storms, especially after living in Florida for 8 years before moving to the UK. Storms here are not as big or as scary as the ones in Florida.

Storms are not the only thing that I tried to hide from. If I see a decent sized spider (anything the size of 10 pence or larger), I scream and move away from it waiting for my husband to come and remove it.

Okay, go ahead, laugh at me. The type of fears I just explained are small in comparison to what we go through.

I think most people have a fear of something which we try to run and hide from. For example:

*We don’t make new friends because we are afraid of being hurt again. We hide by not going out to meet new people.

*We make excuses as to why our in-laws cannot come by because we don’t want to hear their complaints about how we do things.

*We stay in the background at work, so we don’t have to be seen or picked to do things because we are uncomfortable in the spotlight.

*We hide behind masks at church, so no one can see the pain we feel inside.

*We avoid human touch because we were abused and scared that someone might actually care about us. We do everything we can to push them away.

The culprit for hiding under a cover for which we think will protect us is fear. Fear stops us from living fully as God intends.

God doesn’t want us to live in fear. He wants us to live in his fullness. He loves us and wants the best for us. Fear robs us of peace, refuge, security, protection, and all we can be.

God is our protection. We don’t have to hide to feel safe. God preserves our lives. The Bible does not say we will never suffer when we become Christians. However, we can be assured our souls are protected no matter what comes our way. No one can steal our salvation!

Our refuge is in the LORD. He is our shelter and safety. When we are afraid, we can cry out to the Lord and ask him to cover us with his wings (See Psalm 91:4). Imagine a chick hiding under its mother’s wings. The chick is at home, feels safe, and knows he is loved and cared for. He doesn’t have to fear because he knows his mum is going to protect him. How much more will our Father God protect us!


Knowing God is our refuge and he protects us should cause us to rejoice. The rejoicing mentioned in this passage means a lively and triumphant joy. This is indeed the opposite of fear. Perfect love casts out all fear (1 John 4:18).

God blesses the righteous. One meaning of the word bless is “to protect or guard from evil.” God indeed blesses us with his protection and he keeps us safe from the enemy, Satan. God will not run away or hurt us!

God’s covering is a defence over us. He’s responsible for us. His favour covers us as a shield. Shields usually cover just the front of us, but God’s shield covers our whole being. He hides us under the shadow of his wings, those wings cover us completely.

God doesn’t want us to live in fear. He wants us to rest assured that he has everything in control. God takes care of his children.

What fear is keeping you back from being all that God wants you to be?

What are you trying to hide from?

Come to our Father God and give him your fears. Instead of hiding from life in your own way, come under the protection of God. He cares for you. Don’t allow fear to stop you from living fully as God intends.

Prayer: Father, so often fear grips me and I try and hide for cover thinking I am protected. True protection comes from you. I give you my fears (tell him all of them). Please take them and fill me with your joy. I run to you today for my refuge. I desire to live fully as you intend me to live. Please help me to stop trying to hide from you and from my fears. Amen.

Fear stops us from living fully as God intends. God doesn_t want us to live in fear. He wants us to live in his fullness.


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