Trusting God in the waiting

“I say to myself, ‘The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for him.” -Lamentations 3:24 NIV

The world we live in today is busy and fast paced. We can easily find things and order them with a click of the finger. The said items then can be at our doorstep as early as the next day. We can drive through and get meals to take home without having to cook. We can email or text someone on our phone instead of sending snail mail.

Regardless of how fast paced our world is, not everything comes to us on a silver platter whenever we click our fingers.

We must wait.

In restaurants and cafes, we wait for our food and/or beverages to be served. In school, we wait for exam results in order to get into 6th form or university. Even with a fast pass, we have to wait our turn to get on amusement rides.

The British are well good at waiting in queues (unless your children are with you, that’s a whole different story for another time).  We have them everywhere. From supermarkets to concerts, and cafes to museums, queues are formed whilst we wait to get in or to pay.


How many of us truly enjoy waiting?

What about waiting when the doctors keep telling you there isn’t much they can do for you? All you can do is live with the pain and fatigue every day with no end in sight.

What about waiting for an organ you desperately need so your quality of life can be much better?

What about the job opening you have been waiting for, but the right doors never seem to open?

What about waiting for your child to turn back to God instead of doing drugs, or dabbling into other religions?

What about finding the right spouse? Waiting desperately for a child? Retirement? Holidays? There are many “what about” questions we are waiting for.

I want to say to us today, God understands. He knows our heartache. He sees the tears that fall. He knows how we twist and turn at night trying to fall asleep but the anxiousness keeps us awake.
God holds us close and whispers in our ears, “I am here.”

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Whilst we are waiting for the miracle, may we remember God is our portion. Give him praise for what he has done in the past and what he will do in the future.

I continue to wait for strength and healing for my physical body and revival for my soul.

God is my portion for each day. He provides for me. He enables me to serve him despite the pain and fatigue.

God is my Living Water. He refreshes my soul.

God is my healer, even if the healing doesn’t come here on earth.

I will continue to trust God whilst I wait.

Friends, declare God’s praises. He is still good. God is always good.

God is with us in the waiting! Keep holding on to him even if it is just by a thread. God is faithful!

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God will answer our prayers in his time, not ours. Great is his faithfulness, his mercies are new every morning. God will give you what you need for each day.


Father, I find it difficult to wait. I want everything to be just right, the way I like it, and I want it now. But this is not how life works. I get fed up of waiting. I know my time is not your time and your timing is perfect. Please help me to rejoice and to remember you are my portion and you are always faithful. I release my frustrations, anger and hurt to you. Help me to always know you are with me in the waiting. I surrender all to you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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