Five Minute Friday- Collect

I like to collect different items. I collect postcards, sheep, and quotes.

I have been collecting quotes for years. In fact I have almost 800 pages worth of typed quotes.

I enjoy reading them from time to time and I use them for when I am writing my blog, sermons, etc.

God says in his word that he collects our tears. The verse is found in one of the psalms.

I am so glad God collects our tears.

Last week, my beloved bird Shadow, flew out of the window and did not come back. I tried calling for him and he just flew past me and went on his merry way.

I was heartbroken. Tears flooded down my face. I cried for a long time.

The next day our neighbour found Shadow, but he was in a very bad way.

He was attacked by another bird and he was badly bruised and beaten.

Once again, I was sad, but so thrilled he was home.

Shadow made it through the night. But he struggled throughout the next day. He laboured with his breathing.

He curled up in my hand and barely held on to life.

Then over night, Shadow passed away in his sleep.

I was beyond distraught. I was in tears as soon as I saw Shadow. My heart was beyond broken.

God saw my tears. He collected them. He carried me through the ordeal. Fortunately a week later, I am a bit brighter.

Thank you God for collecting my tears.

Psalm 56.8 More-FMF-Square-Images-2-1


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