Spiritually Blessed!

All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms because we are united with Christ. Even before he made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes. God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure. So we praise God for the glorious grace he has poured out on us who belong to his dear Son. He is so rich in kindness and grace that he purchased our freedom with the blood of his Son and forgave our sins.  He has showered his kindness on us, along with all wisdom and understanding. God has now revealed to us his mysterious will regarding Christ—which is to fulfil his own good plan. And this is the plan: At the right time, he will bring everything together under the authority of Christ—everything in heaven and on earth.  Furthermore, because we are united with Christ, we have received an inheritance from God, for he chose us in advance, and he makes everything work out according to his plan. God’s purpose was that we Jews who were the first to trust in Christ would bring praise and glory to God. And now you Gentiles have also heard the truth, the Good News that God saves you. And when you believed in Christ, he identified you as his own[c] by giving you the Holy Spirit, whom he promised long ago. The Spirit is God’s guarantee that he will give us the inheritance he promised and that he has purchased us to be his own people. He did this so we would praise and glorify him. -Ephesians 1:3-14 NLT


Augustine wrote that a “Christian should be a hallelujah from head to foot.”  In other words, our lives should be filled with praise.  But what if we are feeling down? What can help us to reignite the fire in our hearts for praise?  Paul reminds us in the Bible passage that we are spiritually blessed by heavenly blessings.

Paul is full of praise for God.   The word praise means to speak well of and the Greek verb is applied only to God in the New Testament.  We all have spiritual blessings because we are united with Christ as His brothers and sisters.  We are adopted into the family of God.  Our blessings from heaven are spiritual, not material.  These blessings are for eternity!

Paul talks about these spiritual blessings in Ephesians 1.  We are chosen, adopted, accepted, redeemed, forgiven, blessed, predestined, and sealed by the Holy Spirit. We can be assured of God’s love.  How can we but praise the Lord know how precious we are to him?

God chose each of us!  He desires for everyone to come to know Him as Lord and Saviour.  We all have a choice as to whether or not we will believe that He is indeed Lord, that He died on the cross and rose from the dead to save us from eternal damnation.  God chose us to be holy, set apart for Him, blameless and pure.  He longs to have a relationship with us, one that is vibrant and daily.

God is our Father, who created us.  God decided to for us to be adopted into His family as His own sons and daughters.  We are given the same rights as Jesus.  Just imagine we have the same power, same anointing, and the same privileges of talking to God as Jesus does through the power of the Holy Spirit living within us!  God delights in giving us this blessing as He longs for His children to be close to Him as well as doing amazing things for the kingdom!

Because of the grace God has given us through Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, we should give God the blessings in return.  We bless God by praising him. We praise God by the way we live out our lives every day and by the way we speak to others.  We also praise Him in our singing, work, and rest.

We are a redeemed people.  Redemption means “to be released or delivered from slavery.”  Before we knew Christ as our Saviour, we were slaves to the devil and sin.  Jesus shed His blood on the cross of Calvary and died for us for our sins so we can be forgiven.  He took our place.  God’s grace purchased our freedom with Jesus’ blood.  His blood forgives us, sets us free, and heals our deepest being.

God’s plan is revealed in Christ.  Everything in heaven and on earth will be under the authority and Lordship of Jesus!  Peace will reign under Jesus’ authority.  We have heard the truth, we as sinners came to Jesus, repented, set free and now we are under Christ’s Lordship.

We are sealed by the Holy Spirit.  A seal indicates security, authentication, approval, and identification of ownership.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit living within us, we are secure in Christ.  Our eternity is secure.

We are authenticated as God’s chosen people.  This seal is a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance.  It’s a down payment with a guarantee of more to come.  This inheritance is eternal salvation and the promise of heaven and being in the presence of God for eternity.  We are guaranteed to be ultimately and finally released from the presence of sin.

We have plenty to praise the Lord for!

We are chosen as His special people!

We are adopted into the family of God!

We are accepted as God’s very own!

We are redeemed and forgiven by the blood of the Lamb!

We are blessed with spiritual blessings, and we are sealed with the Holy Spirit!

Paul uses the phrase “to the praise of His glory” three times, meaning that we are to not just praise God for what He does for us, but we are to praise God for who He is and praise Him for His glory.

Praise is like a fire that needs to be fuelled.  The more we praise, the more we want to. Do you know the enemy is allergic to us praising God?  Praising God gets our minds off the negative and onto Jesus.  Praise is a powerful weapon in the spiritual realm as it lifts up and glorifies God.

I don’t know about you, but reading and rereading what Paul wrote about our position in Christ, gives me plenty of reasons to praise God. I desire to live a life of praise by remembering who I am in Christ and blessing him for this.

We are brothers and sisters. We are princes and princesses! Our Father is the King of kings! God is so good to us. He is awesome. In fact, he put the awe in awesome! What an awesome God we serve! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!


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